Saturday, May 10, 2014

2nd Round: Pulled Pork

Growing up my favorite BBQ was pulled pork. Nicely smoked meat, dash of sauce, creamy coleslaw, and a fluffy white roll. This whole scenario isn't quite the same without the roll, and there aren't wonderful alternatives yet (the Whole Foods brand "Light White Bread" is the best I've found). But, pulled pork still kicks butt. It's good on in a pile with sauce and coleslaw, but try it with nuts and spinach.

Bound and Rubbed

This took really long time, and I still didn't have a digital thermometer, so it was difficult to manage the temperature. I'm pretty sure that it was overcooked in parts, but in general it came out well. I used the same rub and basted each hour with my left over Lexington dip (see previous post). I started with 3 lbs and it took about 10 hours.

After about an hour

After a few more hours, with the smoke box

Getting close! (That thermometer was not good enough, though).



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